Google allows third parties and apps to spy on your gmail account

We already know Google reads and mines their users accounts and like other tech companies gives government agencies backdoor access.

But now Google admits hundreds of third party apps are doing the same. It spells disaster for users who wanted any level of privacy although that is something nearly impossible with Public Cloud enabled phones including Google’ s Android.

I think it’s safe to say your browsing history, location data and everything else has been shared at some point with other third parties against your wishes and without your knowledge.

Google claimed to stop this practice but actually hadn’t and this is a recurring theme in social giants where they have allowed multiple third parties to spy on their users regardless of consent, legality or privacy/security settings.

Privacy conscious users should take note and switch to private email and chat services that they control or that owe them a duty of privacy and security.

Do find out how Techrich can make or set you up with one, you can contact them. Or make your own using open source products. My wife was using Hotmail for the longest time, until I showed her multiple articles and releases by Edward Snowden showing the true cost of ‘free service’.

The internet is not free. Social Media is not free. Your data and your private conversations are the cost. I switched my wife to our own email service where WE control and see our emails and nobody else.

How important is privacy of your emails to you?





Areeb Soo Yasir

Business and technology have always gone hand in hand for me, and now I've built nearly 20 years of expertise. A few notable achievements: -> Tier III-Designed & deployed multiple mission critical datacenter environments in Canada, US, Hong Kong, Singapore & China. -> Software Engineering: Created a Linux OS from scratch, including a custom kernel to maintain millions of dollars in client infrastructure, deploy and report as needed. Created the “Windows Geeks” and “Password Pros” Windows Password Reset software recommended by Microsoft. -> Business Negotiations: Conducted intensive negotiations with branches of the Peoples Republic of China and the various state-run Telecom operations including China Telecom and China Unicom for access to their trillion dollar backbone infrastructure. We were the first western company to have such network access where other IT companies such as Vodafone and Google failed. -> Cloud Infrastructure Creation: Created the first proprietary “Clustered Cloud Architecture” that rivals competing Google, IBM, Microsoft & Alibaba alternatives. I'd love to chat #IT or #Linux or even #Business, so don't hesitate to connect. Cheers!

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