My Tech Picks

These are some of my recommended services or products. I don’t take paid advertisements, these are just to help anyone who may have a need for it. Some of these products I have personally developed or helped develop so I can guarantee it’s a good choice.

1. ProVPN Accounts

Here’s why I recommend them:
Did you know that most US based VPN companies actually have to give up your customer data without even contacting you? ProVPN Accounts don’t use “Open Proxies” which are often used to harvest your personal data and other nefarious activities. Many other companies use dangerous “Open Proxies” in order to provide their service since it reduces operating costs, but  Pro VPN Accounts doesn’t do this. I know because I worked on Pro VPN to ensure that it wasn’t based in the US (which forces all US based VPN companies to comply with their data mining without your knowledge or consent).
Any company can say they have a server in the USA or UK, but the difference is that ProVPN Accounts have their own networks, servers and facilities and are NOT resellers. We had strategically planned all VPN Server deployments using only name brand hardware and the best networks available. They don’t use “Cogent” or any other cheap and unreliable bandwidth. The connections are all commercial grade and our “internet neighbors” often consist of Fortune 500 companies. I’m not kidding here, NASA to Reuters Journalist are some of the clients. Why aren’t ProVPN Accounts as widely known? Because they keep privacy that big of a deal. Social media is kept at a minimum.
No customer data is revealed or harvested this way.
You can go about your normal browsing or access sites you can’t normally get to when in censored countries like China. Everything from Netflix, to Facebook to Journalists keeping anonymous from tight US laws. The internet is truly free with ProVPN Accounts. Watch yourself a 2nd marathon of Walking Dead or Pretty Princess Pony- no judgment here.

If you do sign up with ProVPN, make sure you don’t confuse it with a ‘Chinese knock off’ site looking to bank on the ProVPNAccounts name. 

2. Windows Geeks
Removes & unlocks all Windows Passwords Instantly. Works even if you can’t login or don’t know your username. You don’t have to do any crazy steps or panic over different commands in the BIOS. It’s the easiest solution. Again I worked on this project and many times our clients came directly from Microsoft’s own support team- I’ve very honored they thought it was the best removal tool out there.
Works on all computers running Windows (including Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, Server 2012, Server 2008, Server 2003, NT, Windows 10 &12) You are not going to find a solution this easy that covers this many OS’s and have the same hardware support.
And unlike the worrisome “Window’s removal tools’, this one doesn’t have any malware or spyware. So you can just remove your password and get on with your life without worrying about some random virus.

  • You forgot or lost your Windows password (including Administrator)
  • You bought a new/used computer and you never knew the password.
  • Employees were fired/quit and won’t give you the Windows Password.
  • You know your password but cannot login because your account is disabled.
  • Your computer/server has been hacked and the password has been changed.
  • You need your Windows Password Removed or Reset
  • You need to login as Administrator
  • You need to regain Admin access to a Windows AD (Active Directory) domain controller.

3. UnixStickers
These are just cool stickers to show support for the OpenSource community. For a limited time they are shipping 10 stickers for $1.

4. Linux Root Password Removal
There’s a bunch of ways of getting in, but if you’re an Linux Admin and you don’t have that kind of time or patience, then just get this. It’s quick, easy and you can just get it done faster then having to go through the internet trying to find one that isn’t going to drive you insane troubleshooting.

5. Linux Foundation Training
Why am I recommending this? Because not everybody is well trained and has experience in all area’s of IT. I myself, just got certified for Kubernetes (yeh, even after being able to use it just fine on my own without certification) it’s important to have that certification. So browse through and get some training in different Linux programs to keep yourself up to date on being certified. If you have experience, skip the training and go for the exam!

6. Real Tech Talk
This is a free tech page I made for myself to help with tricky problems I ran into. I made it public to help those who might run into similar problems and couldn’t find help or solutions. I don’t put everything I’ve done on there, but there are helpful solutions that could come in handy for someone. I am thinking of enabling a forum to help answer questions. Nothing like Stack Over Flow where you’re graded and given points, its just a free service where IT professionals can get help without judgment.

7. Proxmox
If you don’t have the budget of a million dollar corporation to purchase VMware or you are a giant corporation with millions to burn, you might still want to consider Proxmox.
It’s free, and it’s OpenSource, and nobody is required to pay a $4000 price tag to learn or get certified in VMware. It’s basically like VMware but better and easier to use. Here is a link to a post I did comparing the 2.

8. VMware certifications
Although Proxmox is better in many ways compared to VMware, I still recommend it for those looking to work at companies that use VMware. The VCP exam is about $300 (2018) but you won’t be certified unless you do the $4000 program- so keep this in mind. staff are all Professional 6.5, Professional 6 & Professional 7 certified. Lay your foundation.