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Is technology bad for Earth

Hello there Tech Fans!

Happy Earth Day to you! Well it certainly is a happy Earth these days! Covid19 has forced most of humanity to stay home and out of Natures way. In the last 100+ years since the Industrial revolution, we have done nothing but batter Mother Nature. We’ve slaughtered her trees, torn down the Amazon bit by bit, killed millions in animal life, and poisoned her waters…and well, she was PISSED, any mother would be when you mess with her young- and the planet as a whole, is her young.

When she showed us signs of her anger, wraith and ability to just kill us all, we kept voicing our outrage that climate change is real and we should stop polluting our planet. Corporations like Amazon and Google were all in for saving the planet. But they did nothing to stop climate change, just empty financial promises. We kept our factories going, pumping out goods we like to buy. We kept on with tourism, allowing desperate 3rd world countries to ruin their waters and natural life for our amusement. We kept on using oil like it wasn’t going to kill us. We kept on doing what we do to keep our economies going, apathetically acting woke.

Then Covid19 came, and WOW, Mother Nature does not give any *ucks about how we feel about being locked up. We humans needed to be essentially put into self-prisons – all of us- to see how bad we are for Earth. When we were shut in, the Earth started to recover. Pollution was down in China, for the first time with actual blue skies- (not doctored at all by photoshop!)

We saw our Earth take a deep long fresh breath of air, and finally after a 100 years of abuse, start to feel zen again.

So this Earth Day, lets remember this. Lets all remember this daily, that we are harmful to the planet, and that we need to make changes IMMEDIATELY. As we did with coronavirus, we need to act like the planet is on fire and we need to act immediately. Our governments need to put pressure on corporations that sell Climate Change, but SELL the pollution with it.

The planet is on fire. This Earth Day lets act as fast as we did with covid19 so that she can recover

This is not fine! Not fine at all.

The economies around the globe are already hit, hard. But this presents a unique opportunity to continue helping the planet. We need workplaces to cut down their energy consumption, to use green energy, to reduce the use of bottle waters, plastics, and OIL.

If we self isolate for another year, think of the good impact on the environment!

Is Tech That Bad For The Planet

We all have been home using our lights, TV’s and internet daily to somehow not go insane during these lockdown times. My kids have been being productive with school, but still use their tablets and the TV. I also got a Netflix account for them to watch movies on. The point is, we’re all home using all these techs and energy and yet the planet seems to be finally less polluted. Why? Is it really tech?

Well the nutshell answer is, yes and no. Tourism, wars, cars on the road, public transport, factories making our tech and so much more- these things are what’s responsible. They all use technology directly. Consumerism fuels pollution. We must have that new top-that some fashion designer using a Chinese factory-that uses coal just launched and we need Amazon to ship this 1 top right away to us the next day. Do you realize the string of tech and pollution used here?

Heck our money makes pollution to make it and then destroy it- which is why cryptocurrency will eventually take over. We make pollution all day everyday. We’re using all sorts of related and unrelated tech daily that harm the planet.

War is another big whammy. War is never good, but war also uses a lot of technology and oil to fuel it. Chinese factories burning coal – which Canada sells them, are shut down right now, so we see blue skies for the first time in China. In India, an even bigger impact, where people had not seen the sky in ages, or breathed proper air.

5G Radiance

What’s that planet? You’re less mad at us now? Hold my beer, Imma put this 5G tower on you- side note, I don’t drink but you get the joke.

What isn’t a joke, are these 5G towers. What are on Earth are we doing!? 5G technology is incredible technology, which could help in sectors like medicine and law enforcement and military. BUT, its also untested tech, bursting out more radiation, with no long term tests done to show the impact on environment and human health. Is it unsafe? Is it safe? NOBODY know’s because we haven’t done enough tests and collected enough data. We have some data that some scientists are using to suggest it’s safe. The problem with data, is that it’s easy to spin, and present in a way that it shows something negative as positive.

Take Coco Cola, using real scientists to show the link between Obesity and not exercising, not with sugar (which coco cola is basically 100% of). Or Monsanto knowing from data available years ago that it’s round up product did in fact cause cancer, have governments pulled this product from it’s shelves? Nope. People still unknowing use it, thinking the Government would surely pull unsafe, dangerous products from stores.

It’s easy to abuse data. That’s why your data is so valuable and companies like Google and Facebook love it.

I for one, am looking forward to Huawei 5G, it will give small business competitive edge with the big guys. However, I do not want it until Huawei and other 5G companies have done at least 2 decades of research to show impact on life and environment- not neatly spun data, I want real raw data. You know it’s a problem if 188 scientists and doctors are asking the UN to halt this tech until we know more. That speaks a lot. I did a full blog post on the Health Of 5G here.

Covid-19 Lessons

We humans are a damn cancer to this planet- lets just all admit that. There’s no beating around the bush to say it. We are. We harm, we war, we destroy, we kill, we do it all for ourselves and something we want. We love the bright skies and decrease in pollution. But the second this lockdown is over, you will see every single woke person, who was tweeting ‘earth day’, will be outside doing their very best to pollute. We need to learn from this. We need to learn from covid19, which is mutating into different strains.

We need to make a change in the way we live, the way we treat Earth, the we participate in life.

Billionaires like Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos might have the money and ability to save themselves and escape to planet B (Mars) but we peasants don’t. So we peasants need to stop having the worker bee mentality and fight the corporations that pollute us happily on 1 side and talk about planet health on the other. Jeff Bezos has donated millions into climate change research, but Amazon is a company that pollutes so dismissively. And what more research do we need? Here’s some research after 100 years of researching: The Planet Is Sick, LETS FIX IT NOW. You don’t get an ear infection and say I’ll wait to see how this plays out?

Jeff Bezos doesn't care about the climate or Earth

Jeff Bezos doesn’t care about the climate or Earth

I’m tough on billionaire philanthropists, because they’re not donating millions to help a cause, they’re donating it through proxy charities and businesses they control to save on the tax. Bill Gates who has been a huge supporter of vaccines is using the Gates Foundation to ensure everyone on the planet is vaccinated, which is actually a very good cause, but also wants to use invisible ink skin technology to track vaccinated children…sigh Bill Gates, sigh! I want to vaccinate my kids, not have 1984.

Do we really want to be lead into the future by shady billionaires who see us all as ‘collateral damage’.

The Jobs And How They Work

Companies need to consider allowing more employee’s to work from home even after this is over. It saves on office space, reduces commuting and can make for a happier employee – who doesn’t have to waste time getting ready in the morning and burn through traffic, be home at a reasonable time and essentially cut down their pollution daily. Paper consumption is another big deal. I see Doctors offices, for example, that still have paper folders to their patients- WHAT!?!?!

Purchasing business attire: the consumption of fashion will also reduce. Without needing to dress up for the workplace for a week schedule, can greatly cut back on the pollution that is created from the fashion industry (which might I add, is the 2nd biggest polluter of our planet). The need to ‘look nice’ by wearing nice clothes, having nice cars, spending money on gas and maintenance of said car, the commute, everything from just 1 worker makes such a footprint.

The job force has forever changed. Tech has done some scaling back, which means the job market is going to be tight. Small businesses have all been hit, restaurants, malls, shops, everything have all been hit. What’s unfair is the large corporations like Walmart and Amazon are allowed to remain open to fulfill orders. But the small business stores were forced to close and go open Amazon stores just to survive- this is essentially cutting the work force even further. What will the world look like for jobs after this is done? I frankly do not know, but it’ll be different.

Covid19 might be made by the Chinese, by the US, by Bill Gates, by little green aliens, I don’t know, but I do know, that we have made a small dent in the pollution in the air, land and water; and we need to from now on think: Do I really need to do this?

Do I really need to get on a plane, use millions in tons of oil to fly off to the Coral Reef and dive in to see them, while damaging them and the sea life? Do I really need to take the bus for something I could walk or ride a bike to? Do I really need to have a beach party with 10 of my besties while leaving our trash in the water? Do I really need to order 1 single item on Amazon and have it shipped that day to me? Do I really need to batter the planet for my own selfish consumerism?

For the employer, do you really need to have the worker at the office, do you need 10,000 paper folder, do you really need new office equipment and fancy couches, do you really need the worker to burn through gas and commute? Or can these workers come in 50% of the time while the other 50% they do work from home?

Lets make this dent in pollution, lasting.

Happy Earth Day!




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