Who Created & Spying On Your Bitcoin?

Did the NSA make Bitcoin and are they spying on your bitcoins?

Key Points In This Article:

  • Who Created Bitcoin? “Satoshi Nakamoto”?
  • The code: The ECC was shown by the Edward Snowden leaks to already be ‘compromised’ or ‘invented’ by the NSA, there was no mention that Bitcoin was a part of it, but can we say, to some degree, it was in part created based on NSA SHA-256 tech.
  • Satoshi Nakamoto most probably is not 1 person but a team of people under that name
  • Tech giants were all started/funded by the US govt to develop and become norm in our daily lives, all of which we know from the Snowden Leaks have backdoors to the NSA for surveillance purposes. Bitcoin too, could also be the next step in further surveillance, given it’s unprivate nature.
  • Bitcoin is going to be ‘digital gold’ while other crypto like JPcoin or Libra or other cryptocurrency will become ‘the paper’ standard. Like ‘gold’ is and ‘cash’ is today.
  • You should buy and hold and use bitcoin as the NSA isn’t in the habit of creating and funding so deeply different projects like tech giants such as Apple and Facebook for nothing. They will make bitcoin the gold standard either because they made it or they didn’t make it and need to destroy it.
  • Who is Satoshi Nakamoto and what’s the evidence for it -SHA-256 hash, the name itself, the possibility of 1 man making this.

This one gets a little messy, because this is all just opinions, like with anything, speculating on who Satoshi is or why Bitcoin exploded to what it is today when nothing else (like Dogecoin which is similar) didn’t amount to much.  To be honest, we don’t know who ‘Satoshi Nakamoto’ is. I can tell you, it’s not just ‘1 man’ who made Bitcoin. This is for sure the work of multiple people under the name of ‘Satoshi Nakamoto’. The current team taking care of the Bitcoin network is also part of this team perhaps. The closest the internet got to revealing who “Satoshi Nakamoto” was a Japanese Engineer Dorian Nakamoto, who denied it strongly that he was the one who made it or had anything to do with it. Elon Musk was also thought to be  the creator since he was already a billionaire, who didn’t need the money and has always had the world view of helping. The thing is, that this gets real REAL, real fast when you start to dig into the deep underbelly of crypto and Bitcoin.

But why the speculation on who made the King of all cryptocurrency? Well ‘whoever’ it is, holds almost half of the Bitcoin and hasn’t touched a penny of it, even though it’s worth literal billions…that’s why.

Dorian Nakamoto was suspected of being the creator of Bitcoin

Dorian Nakamoto was suspected of being the creator of Bitcoin

Here’s The Code

Bitcoin uses NSA technology, the SHA-256 hash function, which leads some to speculate it’s created a backdoor to the hash function that no one has identified yet, which allows it to spy on Bitcoin users. The NSA designed this technology which it published in the National Institute for Standards and Technology. The rumor that the NSA created Bitcoin has been a hot topic for many years, and many of the those posts on Reddit posing these questions have been deleted. Those posts that remain get dark- real fast .

There are some that bring to light many concerning portions, especially the Snowden documents leaked to Wiki Leaks that shows the NSA has backdoors in at least some of the ECC class of crypto, developed by Neal Koblitz. The ECC crypto used by most was the one the Snowden docs talked about, not the one for Bitcoin, it’s important to make the distinction as it presents a hole in the theory. HOWEVER, a few days before “Satoshi Nakamoto” released his white paper on bitcoin in 2008, Neal Koblitz released his own paper praising ECC crypto and the NSA….it’s a tiny bit suspicious now isn’t it…Especially when you have the creator of ECC crypto openly praising in his own paper the NSA, the organization that is known to have a backdoor on it. There’s many points for and against the theory that the NSA has backdoors on bitcoin, and was created by them. But remember TOR came out of Naval Intelligence and the NSA came out of Naval Intelligence, and has been speculated for years to be at least partially run by US authorities. We even know that the US authorities have business  on the Dark Web. Hence, the speculation.

The public ledgers are also concerning, as there is no way to hide your transactions or where the money went, so anyone not just the Government can watch your money- if they know which wallets you own. But there is no way for them to ever seize or freeze your Bitcoin- which puts a monkey wrench into the theory, or does it?

The NSA Is Not the IRS

Some may argue “you can’t freeze Bitcoin” so how is it that the NSA created Bitcoin? The NSA, is not the IRS, they are not interested in freezing anything, they are interested in mass surveillance. You cannot easily mass surveil cash transactions around the world and the country. Bitcoin, contrary to many articles is not at all anonymous or private. In fact, I would argue, other traditional payment methods may offer more privacy.

The reason is that Bitcoin’s blockchain by its very nature, tracks all transactions, including the sender and recipient. But “my name and e-mail is not attached to the Bitcoin transaction” so how can they track me? Your IP is on there and you can trace the movement of Bitcoin from sender, to receiver including how much money they have to where it was sent to.

The NSA is not the IRS- it's probably just as bad though

The NSA is not the IRS- it’s probably just as bad though

At some point, the vast majority of Bitcoin users could easily be traced back to a name based on IP and account holder information that the NSA has. There are other ways to associate you based on IP as well, especially through Google, Microsoft, Facebook and other services that are associated with your personal name.

With that said, Snowden recently said in Bitcoin 2019 Conference that he used Bitcoin to purchase servers that helped him leak documents on NSA’s mass surveillance and the extent of their surveillance technology, including their possible link to Bitcoin and other crypto. But he says again the most important thing missing from Bitcoin, is privacy.  In the same breath he also says this:

“If tracking bitcoin was possible then the NSA would have caught them,” he said. He said Satoshi Nakamoto was in the same position: he could navigate the system and leave no trace. Snowden also talked about the Shadow Brokers, a group of hackers that auctioned NSA information in exchange for bitcoin in 2016. He noted that the hacking case was the starting point of a governmental war on cryptocurrencies. In short, he said, regulation doesn’t work unless it becomes overly intrusive.

He also went on to slam down hard on Exchanges that act more like Banks, and the world doesn’t need any more banks. Which is true, but like with any business, they do need to protect themselves and their clients, which is why I have worked to make this crypto disc, so you have NO REASON TO STORE YOUR CRYPTO ON AN EXCHANGE.

It sure sounds like a lot of work, money and people would have to be involved. But that’s the job and line of business the NSA is involved in, and all USA companies are mandated to provide whatever access to customer data that the NSA wants whether it be an ISP, payment processor, or social account provider (eg. Google, Microsoft, Facebook).

Edward Snowden Says The NSA Is Possibly Spying on Bitcoin

Sure it maybe not in direct control of a tech giant or the US government, but in many ways, this indirect control is all they need to get people to voluntarily give up their information.  Edward Snowden said that the NSA is spying on cryptocurrency, including Bitcoin. That they tricked users to install security software they wrote that actually feeds all of their private data, cryptokeys, back to the NSA directly. If this is true, and it most likely is if it’s coming from someone as prominent as Snowden, this means we don’t actually have control over our cryptocurrency, not even Bitcoin. So we can’t say for certain that the US govt doesn’t have control over it. But then, why would they create this?

Snowden says that the NSA is spying on Bitcoin

Snowden says that the NSA is spying on Bitcoin

What’s The Purpose Then?

Why create Bitcoin and make it appear perfectly free, natural and anti-bank and anti-govt? There is a narrative that it needs to fit, we just don’t know what that narrative is.

Gold was the standard until it was made natural to print paper money and use that. Cash money was natural until it was made natural to use a ATM card that accessed the paper money you had in the bank with a simple swipe. It was natural until a digital coin (based on NSA hash technology SHA-256) that you mine like the original Gold until a mainstream digital coin is created, thus creating the new world order in money. Don’t panic it’s not a scary conspiracy theory that you need to freak out about.

We’re going from valuable physical gold (that banks still trade in and stock pile) to value-less paper money that costs more to print, distribute and destroy, to a set digital currency, which might make Bitcoin (the digital Gold) in the sea of digital money like Calibra and JP Coin. So you see, Bitcoin is Gold and Calibra and JPCoin will be the ‘paper money’.  Perhaps that’s the narrative, that’s the purpose. That’s perhaps the next natural step in money. Our money systems are evolving, and there’s an opportunity to make it a better system than past systems like fiat.

Bitcoin is the new gold

Bitcoin is the new gold

That sounds intense right?

These are all just theories, there is no conclusive proof to say that Bitcoin was created by the NSA, but from my understanding on how ‘tech giant’s become huge successes that change our daily lives, which just so happen to have mandatory backdoor spyware on them, is that the US government basically funds them. This video will shock you to know that none of the tech giants we know today like Facebook or Apple just ‘started and worked hard and became a success that changed our world’ by accident. No, it was by design, so why should Cryptocurrency be any different. Especially because the first crypto coin was Hash coin and Blinded Cash– yet these didn’t suddenly take off like Bitcoin did.

We can assume, that to some extent at the very least, the government is watching your cryptocurrency- from your wallets to your Exchanges…

What Should You Do Then?

Well that was a bit of a depressing wasn’t it. Now I’m going to encourage you to go out there and buy some Bitcoin because we will probably never see Bitcoin at $12k again and you might regret not getting a piece of it now at this price vs when it hits $50-$100k. We have to assume at this point, that Bitcoin is here to stay- there’s no debating this really.  Coins like Facebook’s horrid  Libra coin will probably never take Bitcoin’s place, regardless if you think Mark Zuckerberg is worse or better than the government, either way it’s being monitored.

And yes, I do own Bitcoin, I mined it on my wife’s laptop in 2010 ( I ddin’t want to, because of the above, but she insisted and I did it). Needless to say I am pretty happy that I listened to her, but the point is that you have to accept that you are being tracked and watched by the NSA, like you are being tracked, monitored and watched on your smart phone, to your banking, to you library cards. There isn’t a damn thing that touches the US that isn’t being monitored. So why shouldn’t you get in Bitcoin now while the prices are at these low levels. Remember the NSA controls this tech, they’re not going to plunge it into nothing, they like with the tech giants the US government made  this, and have made surveillance paramount and have every intention to make this part of our daily ritual. Bitcoin isn’t going to end, it’s going to become the ‘digital gold standard’ which all other cryptocurrency will be based on (as we seen already today).

buy bitcoin

Buy bitcoin

Buy Bitcoin?

So my advice:  Buy Bitcoin. More than any other cryptocurrency, buy Bitcoin. I know I just did everything I could to tell you above that it’s probably being created and spied on by the NSA and other government agencies. But so is your current bank accounts, so are your phones, TV, even that Smart fridge is being watched- that’s the nature of IoT (the internet of things). There is nothing that isn’t being watched. I’d sooner ask you to stop using your smart phone than tell you not to buy Bitcoin.

And why? Well you’re smartphone goes pretty personal, to your contacts, to your family connections, to your messages, to your internet activities etc etc Bitcoin, the most they’re going to know is that you bought some and used some. It’s not ideal, nor is it RIGHT or JUST, it is a reality. And if you aren’t willing to give up your smartphone then why use the “NSA IS SPYING” as an excuse to not buy the 1 thing that might replace the money in your bank one day.

Like the gold rush days, this might be the only time where you have a unique opportunity to get into something that might revolutionize the world in the next 20 years.

I found CoinBase the easiest to get started with. You do have to register and make an account as well as provide your ID (for obvious reasons) so there is a link back to you. But they give you $10 in BTC to get you started, which is incredible to both you and the person recommending it. So you can easily help your family and friends also get started.

Who Is “Satoshi Nakamoto”

A video titled, CIA Project Bitcoin: Is Bitcoin a CIA or NSA project? made by a group calling themselves the “CIA Project” surfaced on youtube. This group is dedicated in finding all the governments secret projects and making it public. And in this latest video, they are claiming that Bitcoin is actually the creation of the US National Security Agency (NSA).

Now don’t scoff it off as a conspiracy theory or ‘FUD’ and run away. Lets have a gander at what this group is claiming to be their biggest proof.

Satoshi Nakamoto- the name itself.

Now I do touch on this subject a little in my post here, so have a read of that as well to put some other very important pieces of this together.

Satoshi (meaning ‘clear thinking, or intelligent). Nakamoto is a common Japanese surname meaning “central origin or one who lives in the middle) This surname is commonly found in Ryukyu Islands of Japan, which is strongly associated with the Ryukyu Kingdon, a highly centralized kindgom that originated in the Okinawa Islands.  This Island in particular was known as the ‘the place where cannibals lived’….not sure if this gives any weight to Warren Buffets fantastic quote, where he equates Bitcoin mining to harvesting baby brains…

Combined, both names could be interpreted as “Central Intelligence”- could be, loosely. There is in fact a real Satoshi Nakamoto (well Dorian Satoshi Nakamoto) but he vehemently denies he’s the Bitcoin creator and even hired a lawyer to clear his name. How badly do people want to know who this guy is?

The next claim is that no one has actually met Satoshi Nakamoto in person or spoken on the phone with him or her or even them.  Even Gavin Bell (known as Gavin Andresen), who only has contact by email, never in person or over the phone. The only person who claims to have contact is John MacAfee…and well, I’ll leave that as it is.

Bitcoin Is Decentralized

Other evidence includes the fact that Bitcoin uses a common PRNG (crypto program) to create secure keys, which is itself believed to have an NSA backdoor. Numerous Reddit threads linking Bitcoin or Satoshi Nakamoto with the NSA have been removed in the past; and that Bitcoin is not decentralized as it is being controlled by a small group which is led by Gavin Bell. Which is true, I’ve said it before that cryptocurrencies are not decentralized in the sense people assume, there is a central body controlling it, and right now with Bitcoin it’s the 80% hashing power Chinese mining farms and Gavin Bell.

But do the CIA Project’s claims have any merit? I think there is- even just a little, is still too much.

The NSA creating Bitcoin has been rumor for many years. People have questioned why it uses the SHA-256 hash function- which if you recall from above,was designed by the NSA and published by the National Institute for Standards and Technology..

The fact that the NSA is tied to SHA-256 leads some to assume it’s created a backdoor to the hash function that no one has ever identified, which allows it to spy on Bitcoin users.

“If you assume that the NSA did something to SHA-256, which no outside researcher has detected, what you get is the ability, with credible and detectable action, they would be able to forge transactions. The really scary thing is somebody finds a way to find collisions in SHA-256 really fast without brute-forcing it or using lots of hardware and then they take control of the network,” cryptography researcher Matthew D. Green of Johns Hopkins University said in a previous interview.

This alone makes it worrisome for Bitcoin users or Cyber security specialists. Snowden is very harsh on Bitcoin and says it’s being watched by government agencies- more on that in a different post.

And of course this comes just at the heels after the CIA refused to confirm or deny if they knew who Satoshi Nakamoto is- leaving many to speculate, if they know.  And like Snowden says, ‘they know’.

Then we have people like John McAfee who says he know who “Satoshi” is and will make it public. It’s quite possible he knows, I mean he’s in cybersecurity, and regardless of him being a bit of a character, it doesn’t take away the possibility that he knows….that it might be the NSA or maybe it really is just a team of people who just don’t want anyone to know who they are…

John Mcafee knows who Satoshi Nakamoto is

John Mcafee knows who Satoshi Nakamoto is

I myself didn’t want anything to do with Bitcoin in 2009 when my wife told me about it- because of the sheer nightmare that is security and fraud. But it did have the distinct smell of ‘government’ even back then.

Then there’s recent news of 21e8….that’s for another post.

Does It Matter Who Created Bitcoin?

What do you think? Does this prove that Satoshi Nakamoto is actually the NSA? Or does it simply just add another layer of conspiracy theories to an already large mystery. If the NSA did create Bitcoin and put it out in the world, do you think they would plunge it to zero when everything else they’ve done has been for the sake of surveillance, successful? Or if it isn’t created by the NSA, then we have every reason to support Bitcoin because this is the revolution of money.

I guess you could say whether it is or isn’t made by the NSA doesn’t matter anymore. The point is, that bitcoin is heading to becoming something bigger than even money itself. It’s not being hounded down by conspiracy theories and governments as large as the US aren’t trying to rid it for no reason. Bitcoin presents a unique opportunity and revolution that not even stocks or jasmine revolutions can offer, and that is freedom of the digital coin itself. Countries like Iran that are hounded down by illegal sanctions no longer have to have their people suffer, they with the use of bitcoin can buy medicine and necessities cut off by US sanctions. Governments that need to be toppled can be toppled now by their own people who can circumvent the use of their own money. We can literally now, help support entrepreneurs from around the world with this.

If it was created to mine and surveillance by the NSA, well they probably made an unintended side affect: freedom of money.


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