Trump Tells 3M To Stop Sending Masks To Canada

Trump wants 3M stop sending masks to Canada

Sanctioning Canada

In true Trump fashion, we see he’s leveling up the insanity meter again today… The UN had just this past week urged all leaders to halt all war and sanctions to allow for all humanity to deal with covid-19. It’s a humanitarian issue and was mainly targeted at nations like India- who is currently keeping Kashmir under all communications and media blackout, to the US who has been during this time of coronavirus bombing Iraq and drawing up plans for more war. The US is currently in 10 different wars and in engaged in 2 separate sanctions. Iran getting hit the hardest from it’s arbitrary sanctions that hurt people more than anything.

Today I woke up to see that Trump has done some more ‘wth’ things. He told 3M to stop exporting masks to Canada- who’s healthcare workers and front line staff are in NEED of those masks to ensure their safety. There are no words that can professionally describe this: madness. But Trump isn’t a mad man, he’s calculating and profiting businessman. But one thing that very could explain his actions, is that fact that 1000 Americans are dying of Covid19 a day. They are in very desperate need of masks and ventilators. His direct actions and mismanagement of the situation is going to lead to the death of over 100,000 people in the US and their front liners also need those masks and ventilators. So yes, I understand the need and yes I understand the mindset behind it. But this is putting Canadians at risk too.

Canadian Prime Minster Justin Trudeau warned the US against denying exports of medical supplies to Canada. 3M argued in defense to Trump, that halting these exports would cause other countries to retaliate and cease exports to the US of goods that the US also needs. But Trump isn’t concerned about retaliation. Why would, he can just war to get what he wants, and that’s why he doesn’t care for retaliations.

This, combined with US talking about putting US soldiers at borders with Canada, does not do anything to alleviate further worries.(Update: seems they are backing off for now). Possible retaliation tactics could include stopping power to the US, kicking out American water bottling companies and other raw material exports to the US.

China To The Rescue?

China has stepped up production of masks and ventilators. It’s become a very real possibility that we start trying to mend our relationship with China and urge them to export urgently needed masks and medical equipment. China is self sufficient in many area’s and doesn’t really ‘need’ to import too many products outside of their country. When Wuhan shut down and they needed more medical equipment and supplies, guess what they did- they just made more. When they needed more space for quarantined people, they made a 1000 bed hospital in 10 days

In times of dire need, I do appreciate how they just get stuff down. They took an economic hit of 3 months by shutting down factories and the longer term economic hit of people not buying things from China for the next year. They did what they had to, even take an economic hit because they stood to loose millions of people to covid19. The Chinese shut down their economy so hard that it brought down their pollution by 25%– that’s substantial and a huge financial hit on top of that.

Maybe Canada should consider doing a 1 month shut down and just take the economic hit for the short term. But the real reason why I’m mentioning this is because China is out of this basically now. All their current cases are all imported from other places, and they are quarantining every person returning- whether they are sick or not. They’re doing this because their factories are open now, life is getting back to normal there now. They are pumping out ventilators and masks and other medical equipment like no tomorrow- many of which they are just donating, or Alibaba billionaire Jack Ma is purchasing and donating himself (1.8 million of them).

Huawei donated a 1000 of masks to the Linux Foundation– maybe they were worried that the US would block their donation because the masks might have backdoors…(that’s a joke). The country is able to meet the demands of mask and ventilators. Time for Canada to made mends and start the conversation with China. We need to make Canadians and our front liners a PRIORITY.

But this is a big lesson to all of us and brings up the next topic I want to cover.

Canada Needs To Be A China

Ah, I’m sure you read that wrong. Read it again. Nope, you’re right, I said what I said. No I’m not talking about becoming Communist, or pledge to China as our country, or rename Canada to Chanada- wait that does have a weird ring to it. BUT NO.

What I’m talking about is learning from China. They are self sufficient. They just get what they need to get done. Because they can pool their resources quickly and allot teams right away to handle certain things right away. They do not have the agony of bureaucracy- which I will add, is a hot bed for corruption. We need to be self sufficient.

Maybe what Canada needs to do is encourage and give tax breaks to Canadian factories. We need to make things on our own. We do have Canadian mask making companies, but we need more. We need to make products that we purchase daily to be made in Canada. Because if this has taught us anything, we need to be self sufficient. So we can’t be threatened by any country for getting in urgent supplies.

A lot of brands we use everyday are American made goods or Chinese made goods. We need to have more shelf space for locally made goods, and we need to give these companies tax breaks in order to make them price competitive so we buy them over the American or Chinese goods. This isn’t a hate on American goods rant, it’s more of an awakening. I have been a huge supporter of buying local, shopping local and supporting small business over large corporations. I say it all the time, and NOW we see how much we need this. Because now the very real scenario of a shortage in goods is coming to possible light.

IF the US gets their way and stops 3M for exporting masks and medical supplies to Canada or other countries, we will retaliate, and they will retaliate back. It will go back and fourth, until a very loose thread in Trumps head snaps and he decides, ‘I want Canadian water’.

Our Water Is A Precious Resource

Wanna know why wars happen? Because resources. Oil, water, people, economies, gold, greed, land, it’s all on the list. We have water, a lot of good clean water. We let American companies like Nestle bottle that water for free and have them sell it back to us, while communities don’t have drinking water. We sell some of our energy to the US as well. We also have raw materials, and wood- so much wood guys– bad joke I’m sorry.

But really we have a lot of great resources and we have a lot of  LAND- so much land guys. We also have a lot of steal that we send em- that they also hate apparently.

“Canada is richly endowed with water. Possessing one of the largest renewable supplies of freshwater in the world, it has access to upwards of 20% of the world’s surface freshwater and 7% of the world’s renewable water flow.

We’re actually a very delicious candy just sitting right here being friendly to a predator like the US military state of mind. I do not like US soldiers sitting at the Canadian border and I do hope that doesn’t happen because that’s not friendly at all.  With other Presidents we all at least had the comfort of knowing that we’re allies, we are friends and neighbours. We help each other out- that is why we have always been such strong allies. But with President Trump…I worry a lot because you do not know how extreme this will get.

But I’m sure the worst case will not happen. I do not think there will be an invasion, but the US see’s as a potential threat. I don’t think we’re going to have to choose between the US and China, nor do I think it will get that extreme. But just in case….I’m in my bunker.

People are going into bunkers because of Coronavirus

People are going into bunkers because of Coronavirus

Stay safe guys!

UPDATE: Germany is accusing the US for diverting it’s plane filled with N95 masks it ordered from China, and stole them…this was a criminal action by the US if its true.



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