Are Amazon and Alibaba Doomed To Fail? – Jeff Bezos Says “Yes”

PCMAG had an interesting quote from Jeff Bezos where he predicts within 30 years Amazon would fail.  It obviously left a lot of people shocked since Amazon seems to be continually reaching new heights.  But his reasoning is sound and even more so people should look at the actions of Amazon and Alibaba. Hasn’t anyone ever thought it was absolutely crazy that an online store or eCommerce company makes a shift to massive Cloud Computing?  It is like a grocery store starting a car sales business or something else completely unrelated and doing better at their side business.  On one hand we could call it diversification and reinvesting of course.

But I think Jeff Bezos is looking at the long-term companies, which span hundreds of years and he feels Amazon cannot eclipse the non-alcoholic brewery trend.  He says breweries last for hundreds of years and what does it say about our society?  I guess we can’t argue with him there.    A quick peruse of the worlds oldest companies proves Jeff right.    The only other industry that has anything on breweries is the “Hotel” business which I would essentially call a form of real estate.

Coupled with the unfair and abusive treatment of workers at Amazon, it’s to be expected that Amazon would see a decline. But shoppers are still shopping at Amazon, despite small businesses losing out, despite workers on slave shifts, despite the CIA being their most prized client. You have to wonder, when will people finally see why Jeff Bezos is predicting the fall.

The dirty truth is that Amazon is trying to take over the world. It doesn’t have any plan, as Jeff Bezos is saying, to ‘fail’ in 30 years. In fact, it’s steering ahead to keep a tight control of the world, from technology, to food to your everyday life.

The truth is that Amazon has plans to make people in slaves so that we can’t easily let go of Amazon. We’re taking away actual small business owners control and ability to run their business away from them and giving that power to Amazon.

This video pokes a little fun at the very real “Alexa” problem that Amazon has created.

What do you think? Is Amazon slated to fall?



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