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Cloud VPS Server Comparison by Techrich

Recently a friend asked me to compare ourselves to other large Cloud providers.  It didn’t take me long to think about it, considering essentially Techrich and Compevo architecture are identical. This wasn’t by accident,...

100% Dedicated Server Uptime Random Example 0

100% Dedicated Server Uptime Random Example

One of my personal servers has had 100% uptime from our Hong Kong datacenter.  The 1100 days is from when the server was first put in our datacenter and started. [root@box ~]# uptime 12:39:05...


About Areeb Soo Yasir and compevo communications

Areeb Soo Yasir is the CEO of compevo communications and founded the company in 2001.  compevo communications was originally named by Areeb Yasir, “computer evolution” started out by offering outstanding technical support services, locally...