An Opportunity To Share Values

With so many customers asking us if someone from “ABC country” and “ABC religion” is welcome as a customer I thought it was finally time for us to go public on this very important topic.  There is nothing worse than someone being treated differently or in a negative way, whether verbally, physically or some other discriminatory policies simply because of their race, religion, creed, culture etc..  We have clients and staff of all different backgrounds from around the world, and I am pleased that we have such diversity and accordingly, this filters down into company policy as well.

The above is something I have always strongly believed in and was ingrained in me from childhood, that people of all ethnic and religious groups must live respectfully and peacefully.  Aside from a desire to see peace in the world, anything other than mutual respect and treatment of all people creates divisions that harm society and the economy.  There are no winners in such a situation.

With that said I am still shocked that apparently many CEO’s and management of various companies are reluctant to clarify their views and policies on these issues.  Under normal circumstances it may be considered taboo or uncomfortable to talk about, but with so much intolerance spreading throughout the world, there is definitely understandable cause for concern.

I do not take offense to customers asking us about our views and policies and I also think all businesses need to take a proactive approach with internal and public policies guiding staff and patrons.  People of all ethnic and religious groups can and should feel safe anywhere, but in these times it is understandable if some don’t, especially if a business refuses to clarify their beliefs and policies surrounding these issues.

As uncomfortable as some may find this talk to have with their employees or to be asked by customers, I think we should all be understanding and if we are truly inclusive an tolerant it shouldn’t be hard to reassure our customers and state that these are our views and our company policy.  To act with compassion and tolerance is the right thing to do and as both a person and business owner I will strive to make sure this is more clear and in the public and hope other company’s will do the same.