“Sexual Misconduct” is a misleading term


Normally I wouldn’t blog about this but as a human and also a business owner I think it’s important to clarify principles and beliefs.  This new term “Sexual Misconduct” has me absolutely cynical, puzzled and upset at the same time.  Whatever the term, the action and harm is still the same and shouldn’t be tolerated to anyone, anywhere but unfortunately has been commonplace especially in the entertainment industry but certainly not limited to one industry as well.

I used to play sports, and “sexual misconduct” reminds me of a getting a yellow card for a bad check or 2 minutes in the penalty box.  The term in my mind is an attempt at lessening the severity of what really amounts to sexual harassment and sexual assault.  There is no in between and it should never be called “misconduct” because it just sounds like someone making a mistake during a sporting match who deserves a minor penalty.

Just because some high profile names are in the news everyday is no reason to make the crime sound better by calling it a form of “misconduct”.

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