Quantum Computing Cloud Provider Rigetti Takes on Big Cloud Amazon, Google, IBM, Microsoft

Who says competitors can’t say good things about each other?  While we are not into quantum computing we do salute Rigetti’s foray into Cloud Computing.  But as some say even with quantum computing their success is not assured but they are striving hard so they could disrupt the big names in the game without a doubt.  Many don’t know this but essentially IBM’s server/cloud infrastructure was actually acquired from Softlayer which had its humble beginnings as a fairly small company as well which evolved from the management of The Planet (a large server provider with a mixed reputation).  But nevertheless this is interesting it can be done.

Even if I was a normal user I’d like to ask them what extra security and privacy features they can add?  Competing on computing power alone to me would not be enough but if they can get enough interest and traction things could still get interesting.

Read the full article on forbes

I am excited to see how Rigetti pulls this together and wish him incredible success.

A. Yasir

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