Bittrex added XRP and ETC to their USD Markets

This is old news from August 2018 but I thought I’d mention it is significant for Ripple’s XRP because it allows direct trading and conversion between the USD.  This makes it a lot easier to buy, sell and trade XRP when comparing with other coins so it is quite huge for Ripple with Bittrex still being one of the largest exchanges.  I still think Ripple is highly undervalued and it’s approach to the near $5 USD mark last year is a good indication of where it could be headed.

Many have speculated XRP would be listed on Coinbase but this article explains why that is not likely.  However if Coinbase ends up allowing the purchase of Ethereum ERC20 tokens (which I thought was crazy) then anything could be possible in the future especially if XRP continues to grow in use and popularity.

No one can say for sure but I think we all agree as a currency XRP functions well and easily.   However, part of the push back against Ripple is that it is not decentralized, they don’t offer first party wallets (like so many other coins) and some have figured Ripple may not care about XRP in the longrun – mentioned here (which is something Ripple has done nothing to counter or correct that viewpoint).

Every coin has its issues, I am not concerned that XRP is not so decentralized as much as I am concerned about what Ripple plans to do with XRP and if they care about its future AKA “can we trust this big bank colluding software company?”.  The con of that is also why it may be huge, if anyone survives massive regulation it will be XRP coming out on top and so it is an excellent hedge even if you don’t like it.  This is because they’ve used their network to promote settlements rather than the use as a currency.  People misunderstand that XRP is being bought and sold by their big banking and government clients when it’s not the case.

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